ZenSleep Anti-Snoring Kit Review

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If you or your partner have a snoring problem there is a solution out there called ZenSleep. This anti-snoring system includes a kit that contains 5 different snoring products that have been shown to help people get a better nights sleep. If you have ever tried a snoring device and did not get the results you were looking for ZenSleep may be a good alternative simply because it comes with multiple snoring products in an all-in-one kit.

The snoring kit contains 3 of ZenSleeps anti-snoring devices and 2 items that will let you sleep better and at a cost of around a single premium snoring product. Sounds like a good deal right? Let’s dig in and find out what’s in this snoring kit and if it’s worth the money.

ZenguardIn this all-in-one anti-snoring kit, you will receive a Zenguard which is a device that sort of looks like a pacifier. Zenguard is designed to stop your snoring in 24 hours and it does this by helping to retain your tongue while you sleep. Doctors have recommended Zenguard as an effective and safe solution to help stop snoring quickly.

Zen StrapThe next item that comes with the snoring kit is the Zen Strap. This device helps to stop snoring by a strap that is worn around the head which helps to lift your jaw up while you sleep. This allows you to breathe easier and has been a proven way to help prevent snoring. The strap is comfortable to wear and also comes with a 100% result guarantee.

Zen VentsThe next snoring product that will arrive in your ZenSleep snoring kit is Zen Vents. This anti-snoring nasal device works by fitting into the nose with comfortable and easy to use soft silicone insert. Zen Vents helps to make it easier to breathe through sleeping maskyour nasal passages which in turn will help to eliminate snoring.

The next item included in this anti snoring kit is a sleeping mask. While this item is not designed to stop snoring it may help you get a better night’s rest. The mask is designed to put no pressure on your eyes and to also block out 100% of all light while you catch some Zzzs. It also has an adjustable velcro strap and a soft ridge to fit comfortably around your nose.

Zen PlugsThe last item that is in the Zensleep kit is Zen Plugs. They are basically earplugs that were designed to wear while you sleep. They’re made of silicone, are super soft and will allow you to have a quieter environment to ensure a good night’s rest.

So essentially in the ZenSleep 5 in 1 starter kit your receiving 3 anti-snoring devices, a sleeping mask and earplugs. All for around the price of a single premium anti-snoring device on the market.

What are people saying about the ZenSleep System and does it work? Top 10 snoring Aids has an 8 out of 10-star rating on Zensleep and snoring HQ has a 4 out of 5 rating. Overall the user reviews appear to be positive.

ZenSleep is FDA-approved, comes with a satisfaction guarantee and is an American company. Their snoring products have been discussed on sites such as WebMD, MedicineNet, Mayo Clinic and others. 

ZenSleep is currently running a sale special where you can buy 1 kit and get the 2nd snoring kit free which is a savings of $351.

So if you have had enough of being woken up in the middle of the night and are unable to get a good night’s rest due to snoring perhaps it’s time to try the ZenSleep anti-snoring kit and get the Zzz’s you deserve.

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